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Anorexia Icons | Infpirational icons to make livejournal a friendlier place!!!!! [entries|friends|calendar]
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[Progress Report] I've worked so hard on new icons for the past 5 years but life is Hectic [
November 28th, 2012 AT 2:03am

Hey Everyone including my loyal fans and customers. It's me. I hope you're all having a wonderful Holidays this year and staying warm in the chilly weather! I know that my last icon post was in August 2008. In 8 months (August 2013) it will be 5 years since my last icon post. I am at a very different place in my life since my last update as I'm now a transgender male and pregnant with my second daughter. I'm starting a family of my own and as you may or may not know Hostess is now shutting down as an indirect result of the lawsuit I had filed against them in the summer of 2009 after one of their trucks killed my mother, sister, and my first born child on my birthday. I'm very happy about that. I know that you all have been waiting for 5 years for new icons. Right now my first priority is my family life and pregnancy. After the pregnancy I have plans to make "the change" and fully transition to a male. I'm due to give birth in December (I may have an induced labor for a Christmas birth) for the time being I have no plans to release new icons. I'm still an artist at heart so there very well may be a chance that I'll have a comeback sometime soon. I will always remember the wonderful and gorgeous friends I made throughout my career. I especially hope amelia_heinle is succeeding in life despite any hardships and medical complications. I haven't spoken to her in years If you know her please tell her I send love & best dishes. Have a blessed day!

July 31st, 2009 AT 1:20am

[ mood | Fustrated ]

There has been a user on LiveJournal named Susan who is bootlegging me and my icons. I feel the need to issue an official statement and speak out against this sickening crime. If there is one thing I hate in this world, it's impostors! She has broken multiple copyright laws and has stolen my trademark icon styles. But I have to ask my fans to please not worry about this because I will be pressing charges. I'm a no nonsense kind of woman and I wont let something like this slide. Susan, I hope you're happy with yourself. Expect a telegram containing a court order to cease and desist all icon making activities at your door in 2-6 weeks. You make me sick to my stomach.

P.S. Dakota Fanning isn't even cute anymore. Age is not treating her very well.

P.P.S. A tentative release date for my next batch of icons has been set! Look out for me in May 2010!


Coming Soon [
April 26th, 2009 AT 2:09am


i will make my comeback soon
i have meetingsd to attend and some last final perperations before i release my new set of icons.
good day and i hope you enjoy your life.

hi! [
February 22nd, 2008 AT 4:01am

Hey. So here are a few rules/guidlines to my communite.
All of my icon posts will be freinds only. So to see them you must join.

1. Pleasse credit my icon's.
2. Pleasse love my icon's.
3. If you have a problem with any of my icons or think them as offensivve, please visit
here :)
4. Don''t insult me or my icons, my dead sister or my dead dog. That shit is tired.
5. Bootleg any of my icons and I will ban you from my life, and my communitoy.
6. hey whats up
7. brb

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